About me

Heidi Ho! I'm Kelly, I'm 38, have 3 Gorgeous kids, 19, 17 and 13. I have a twisted sense of humor, grew up a barefoot country girl, and have Celiac Disease. Along with a host of other medical issues but, I choose to be "functionally capable".  Functionally capable means you pull your big girl panties up and get it done. Every day. . Real Estate Office Manager by day, Mommy extraordinaire by night! My kids, would read that and be all "whatever". But I think I'm an awesome mom. I love my kids, want the best for them, and struggle to make sure they are happy and well cared for.
Being a huge kid myself certainly helps. I like nothing better than snuggling into my bed in my jammies to play hours of video games. I rarely get to but when I do, it's fabulous!
Since this is my blog, and I have ADD, I will more than likely write whatever is shooting through my head at the time. I used to talk a lot about Celiac, because when you have it, it takes over your mind. All the constant food monitoring will do that to you. But I try to keep it light and fun, and rarely talk about it anymore. I'm all 'meh' about it now.
Feel free to send me comments, and presents. I adore presents, unless they are dead cat heads no one wants those! Sickos. Negative criticism will cause me to stalk you and squirt you with a water gun filled with hot sauce. Right. In. The. Eyeball. YessireeBob! The eyeballs will be the first to go. Depending on the level of writhing in agony you demonstrate, my superb stalking powers may end there, MAY.
No, get your panties unbunched, I'm no stalker. Too Lazy. But, I will send bad thoughts at you!