Jul 20, 2012

Tripping the Gluten Fantastic

So, I said I would post a Gluten blog, and here it is..


And done.

For real Yo! That's all I got! After awhile, it became easy, it's not such a big deal anymore. You eat, it's gluten free, so it doesn't make you sick, and that's it. You know what you can and cannot eat anymore, so you adapt.

And adapt, and adapt some more. Sometimes, you get glutened by accident, and feel like crap for days, while the toxins make their way through your system. Stupid glutinous poison. But, usually, it's just the same ol', same ol'.

It's the other stuff that's a pain in the butt. You try to find food that doesn't have artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives OR gluten in it. OR growth hormones. OR antibiotics, and is organic. Who eats like this? Who am I? Brad Pitt?



Yeaaaahhh.... Not hardly.  I'm not gettin' me Mum Pink curtains fer her Caravan either! For those of you who didn't get that reference.. Shame! Just, shame! Snatch was awesome.

Ok, snapping back from the A.D.D abyss, and back to the gluten.. There's really not much to say anymore. I've said it, so I will recap. Be careful little Glutenators. Don't be fooled by packaging. Don't eat anything at any Fast Food restaurant. When your gut feels a million times better after you stop eating gluten, be thankful. Your gut is! Don't give a crap what your friends, or family, or co-workers, or Uncle Gerald, or your cat think. They.don't.know... They have no idea what's it's like to curl up into a ball and die a little from the pain in your gut because you ate a bowl of frosted flakes. Nor, do they know how hard it is to be vigilant in the beginning when you first have to watch every single thing you put into your mouth. I do. And, I'm proud of you!


  1. Oh you are awesome. I am a non dairyer, and I thought that was hard, but giving up gluten is totally harder. You're so right that you shouldn't care what your friends or family say about it. Mine all think I'm making a fuss over nothing. Uh huh you try being me and eating dairy then see if you would continue eating it. And you're also right that snatch (mainly Brad Pitt's character) is one of the most amazing films everrr) :-)


    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! I've had to give up on most of my dairy too. Once you give up gluten, many of us can't tolerate dairy either, Lactaid is my best friend. I keep it everywhere. It's tucked in my wallet, When I can't carry my wallet it's tucked in my bra. Sad, but true. That's what Metallica was really singing about..Lactaid in their bras!