Sep 8, 2011


      THIS was announced recently, and I am stunned, shocked, amazed, in awe, excited, thrilled, and most of all sad. This is absolutely the worst part about celiac. Awesome things that come out, and we can't enjoy them. Who hasn't seen the Schweddy balls skit, and laughed themselves silly? No one. It's a classic! A Classic I tell you! I found out this juicy tidbit on THIS blog. Fabulous blogger!
      I love ice cream. I mean LOVE it. I adore it. I would marry it, and have ice cream babies with it. I'm having some dairy issues, and can't enjoy it, so I am forced it eat stupid vanilla soy ice cream. Don't give me any of that "OOh hhmmm quite! Indeed I think it tastes just as good and blah blah harrumph harrumph." No! NO! it does not. It does not taste just as good, and you should be forced to eat soap after saying such malarkey!
      If only I had millions of dollars.. No that wouldn't make my body work right, but I would have millions of dollars! Booyah! Fast cars and faster women for me!
      Sigh...I am sad now. I may just have to run out and get a pint of Jimmy Fallon's late night snack instead. Oh yeah! I can eat that! uh-huh! uh-huh! uh huh uh huh uh huh!

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