Sep 14, 2011

Life is like an 80's sitcom

It's true, and not true at the same time. In the sitcoms there are kids everywhere, music is always playing, there is always a problem to be solved, there are usually 3 or more kids, each different is his/her way. One may love baseball, the other want new ballet shoes, the third guitar strings, all are gorgeous, all talented in some way, and there is always someone complaining about something.  The Mom works, and the kids feel neglected at imaginary slights, the middle kid is always a concern. That part for me, is all true.

They go on trips, fight with one another, make up and then eat dinner. They all love one another, though the kids rarely show it.

Here are the differences:

In the sitcoms, The kids cry, beg, whine, and it's all hilarious, because there is a laugh track. In real life, there is no laugh track. The mom is exhausted, the kids try her patience, work stinks, the bills are piling up and becoming unavoidably overdue, none of this is funny. It's not funny at all.

In the sitcoms, there is a Dad. he works, comes home, asks what's for dinner, kisses his wife, and talks to the kids. In real life the Dad is on his 3rd marriage, he never sees the kids, because he is to busy with his new family, he may be an alcoholic, do drugs, be in jail, have turned gay, skipped the country, whatever the case, but he isn't home playing ball with Junior in the backyard that's for sure.

In the sitcoms, there is a housekeeper or butler, who always manages to make everyone feel better, keeps the house clean, solves myriad daily problems, shops, cooks, and serves. In real life, that person is the Mom. And no one follows her around with a video camera and a live audience.

In the sitcoms, they all sit down to dinner, eat whatever is served, talk, laugh, yadda yadda. In real life, everyone is allergic to something different, we all are on different schedules, and we eat when and where we can. Sometimes we are lucky enough to eat at the table, and in rare shining moments, it is a lovely dinner where we laugh, and no one complains about the food, everyone puts their plate in the sink and even rinses it, and then you all watch a movie together. As I said, rarely.

In the sitcoms, they either have money, or always seem to find it when they need it. In real life, you scrimp, pinch, tighten, scrounge, beg, borrow or steal, and still can't make ends meet.

In sitcoms, they have big gorgeous houses, lovely yards, and plenty of room for all. In real life, we cram together into where we can afford to live, and make sure to lock and bolt the door at night.

In sitcoms and in reality however, the meaning is the same, love one another. Never give up. be nice. Life is funny, and you never know what may happen!


  1. My homelife is more "21 Jump Street" and less "Growing Pains". Good times. . .

  2. MMMM Richard greico and Johnny Depp were hot!